The Organic Grocer is currently closed for business on a permanent basis as from 07 March 2013.
I apologise for any inconvenience. If you need any information regarding where to get organic produce please don't hesitate to contact me and I will assist you where possible.


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  Title     New Produce/Weight  
Leeks Leeks R9.50 per bunch

Swiss Chard Swiss Chard R12.00 280g

Organic almonds (in conversion) Organic almonds (in conversion) R35.00 200g

Organic almonds (in conversion) Organic almonds (in conversion) R80.00 500g

Organic dried mango Organic dried mango R35.00 200g

Organic dried mango Organic dried mango R80.00 500g

Organic rolled oats Organic rolled oats R30.00 500g

Organic quinoa Organic quinoa R73.00 500g

Organic dried mung beans Organic dried mung beans R45.00 500g

Organic green lentils Organic green lentils R35.00 500g

Organic linseeds Organic linseeds R27.50 200g

Organic pumpkin seeds Organic pumpkin seeds R40.00 200g

Organic macadamias Organic macadamias R40.00 150g

All purpose cleaner All purpose cleaner R49.00 1 Litre

Dishwashing liquid Dishwashing liquid R49.00 1 Litre

Herbal disinfectant Herbal disinfectant R35.00 1 Litre

Laundry liquid Laundry liquid R49.00 1 Litre

Wash brightner Wash brightner R49.00 800 g

Fabric softner Fabric softner R49.00 1 Litre

Auto dishwash paste Auto dishwash paste R49.00 1 Litre

Organic macadamias Organic macadamias R115.00 500g

Organic dates Organic dates R30.50 250g

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